Always, CEO must act for defending Assets, Market, and market share

Always, CEO must act for defending Assets, Market, and market share

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By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)


यो जानात्यर्जितु सम्गर्जितं न ही रक्षितुम्I

नात: परतरो  मूर्खो वृथा तस्यार्जनश्रम:

There is no greater fool than the person who is knowledgeable about how to earn wealth but does not protect the earned wealth. The said exertion in earning goes into vain.

(Shukraneeti, Chapter 5, Kosha Nirupan, 36)

The CEO must protect the assets of the organization.

The country premier should protect the country’s wealth.

The CEO must protect the market built for the brand either by him/her or the predecessors. Same way, the country premier should see that the export market is maintained.

The commercial organization CEO must defend the market share of the brand by all means.

The Country premier should maintain the nation’s image by all good tactical means.


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