CEO must understand the characteristics of Foolish Persons

 CEO must understand the characteristics of Foolish Persons

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s= आधी अ

By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)


एकस्मिन्नधिकारे तु यो द्वावधिकारोति : I

मूर्खो जीवद् द्विभार्यश्च  ह्यतिबिस्रम्भवांस्तथा II37 II

महाधनाशो  रचलस: स्त्रीभिर्निर्जित एव हिI

तथा  : सक्षितां पृच्छेच्चौरजाराततायिषु II38 II

The fool is the person that tries to take another responsibility and already, having responsibility with him/her. Foolish is that having a living wife and remarries with another woman. The person is foolish that ignores own people and believes in outsiders. The person is foolish who dreams for more wealth but is lazy. The person is foolish that is under the influence of a woman and asks related witnesses from thieves, womanizer,s and disparate.


(Shukraneeti, Chapter 5, Kosha Nirupan, 36)

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