Place branding and tourism Development through Alcohol Production

Place branding and tourism Development through Alcohol Production

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By Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)


मकरंदासवादनां म्द्यादीनां कृति कला:I

शल्यगूढ़ा ज्ञानं  शिराव्रणव्यधे कला II

(As per Ayurveda there are ten arts).  Making Flower Extracts (Ark, Attar, and perfumes) is an art. Alcohol distillation is an art. Taking out the spikes from the body without pain is an art. Surgery is an Art.

Shukraneeti, Chapter 7 Vidya VA Kala Nirupan- II49 II

There will not be any region that does not produce local country made liquor. Some regions are famous for a particular local liquor production and some places are unfamiliar. For example, every Indian state produces country /local liquor. However, Goa’s fenny and Chhang of North East region are more familiar local liquors in India.

There is no doubt that alcohol (hard or soft liquor) export provides profit, tourists and place branding leverage to the alcohol producing country. For example, perception wise, Germany is famous for bear , Italy and France for wine and Scotland for scotches.  .

The following countries get name fame and profit by exporting hard liquor (figure of 2019 )

Country ————Export Value in Billion $


France – ———— 5.68

Mexico —————–2.138


Singapore —————-1.728

Top Hard Liquor Importing countries were as follows in 2019-

US ————————–8.27

China ———————–1,898

Germany ———————- 1.688

Singapore ————————1.44

France —————————–1.38

In 2017, following top countries exported alcoholic drinks to India (Ratio)

Country ———————–USD $ Mill


France—————————- o.514

USA ———————————-0.258

Mexico ——————————-0.13

Belgium ———————————0.139

It is obvious that the export of any product brings profit, tourists and tool for place branding. For example, In India, Goa , Dammam,  Due are famous for alcohol consumption and tourists visit those places for enjoying alcohol (perception is that human enjoys alcohol there more).

Mumbai attract visitors for alcohol too. Once, there was alcohol ban  in Delhi and neighbouring states became tourist places for Delhi commuters.

We may conclude that Alcohol production art  or trading are strong mediums for export, tourism development and place branding.

Reference –

Shukraniti, Manoj Pocket Books, Delhi pp 220

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