Place branding and tourism Development through Surgery Art

Place branding and tourism Development through Surgery Art

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By Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)


मकरंदासवादनां म्द्यादीनां कृति कला:I

शल्यगूढ़ा ज्ञानं  शिराव्रणव्यधे कला II

(As per Ayurveda there are ten arts).  Making Flower Extracts (Ark, Attar, and perfumes) is an art. Alcohol distillation is an art. Taking out the spikes from the body without pain is an art. Surgery is an Art.

Shukraneeti, Chapter 7 Vidya VA Kala Nirupan- II49 II

Surgery is part of Medical expertise. Therefore in this chapter, Medical tourism or art of medicines and surgery the medium for destination branding will be discussed.

The medical expertise including surgery expertise had been attracting foreign travellers travelling other countries.

Medical tourism is defined as people travelling to abroad for medical treatment including surgery.

Usually, people travel abroad for surgery including cosmetic surgery.

People travel abroad for medical aids either more knowledgeable medical expertise or technical knowledge are  available in foreign countries or the medical treatment is cheaper there in foreign countries.

The market of medical tourism is growing by around CAGR 8.5 %. The people are travelling abroad for following objectives (mostly Surgeries)  –

Cosmetic Surgery or treatment

Dental Treatment

Cardiovascular Treatment

Orthopaedic Treatment

Bariatric Surgery

Fertility Treatment

Ophthalmic Treatment

Other treatment

The market size of Medical tourism was estimated for  US $ 54.4 billion and expected to grow to  US $ 207.9 Billion. However, Covid 19 pandemic will  definitely make changes in  the forecast

The  top major countries in medical destination are –







Costa Rica


Abu Dhabi


Surgery or Medical treatment is an art hence it is one of best mediums for tourism development, destination branding , and country or place branding.

Reference –

Shukraniti, Manoj Pocket Books, Delhi pp 220

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