Introduction note by Publisher of ‘Garhwali Kavitavali‘ the first Poetry Collection in Garhwali

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Introduction note by Publisher of ‘Garhwali Kavitavali‘ the first Poetry Collection in Garhwali

Bhishma Kukreti

Garhwalis will always remember 18th July 1932 a very important and celebrating dayr for the publication year of first ever poetry collection of various poets in Garhwali language . Pundit Vishvambar Datt Chandola (the editor of Garhwali newspaper) was the publisher and editor. Rai Bahdur Pundit Tara Datt Gairola also was editor of this historical Garhwali poetry collection .

Pundit Vishvamber Datt Chandola wrote an introductory note as :

A Requesting Note from Publisher

It is our pleasure to offer to esteemed readers the Garhwali poetry collection published time to time in ‘Garhwali ‘

There are poems of this time (1901-1930) and before this time (around 1870-1880) in this poetry collection. By these poetries, the readers will guess/know the thoughts of the poets and the situation of that time when the poets created their poems . The readers will know the characteristics of each poem only reading them.

If readers will appreciate this poetry collection, we shall arrange publishing old Garhwali poetries.

Late Pundit Sanatana Nand Saklani helped a lot in collecting/editing/arranging the poems of beginning part in this volume. It is very sad that before the publication of this Garhwali poetry collection, Saklani ji expired . His soul will be happy to see the publication.

Garhwali Press Vishvamber Datt Chandola

18th July 1932 Publisher

Courtesy Mrs Lalta Vaishnav

50Taigor Colony, Dehradun

(Mrs Lalit Vaishnav is daughter of late Vishvamber Datt Chandola who published second edition of Garhwali Kavitavali in 1984)

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti for comments and Mrs Lalita Vaishnav for Garhwali Kavitavali)

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