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Editorial of Devendra Joshi

Bhishma Kukreti
Devendra Joshi is a poet, a literature commentator, writer and associate editor of Chitthi Patri a Garhwali language Magazine , Before Chitthi Patri , Devendra was connected to Dhad a Garhwali language magazine till the magazine closed down. His contribution to Garhwali literature is immense .apart from creative contribution, he collects Garhwali literature wherever it is available and preserves them in his library . Devendra Joshi believes that creating Garhwali literature is not enough. For the progressive progress of Garhwali literature , it is utmost important that there is publicity for literature and the literature is distributed to the readers. There should be concern for a culture in creating sizable readership . For making a culture in developing readership for Garhwali literature, Devendra Joshi takes part in Melas/Fairs of Dehradun and decorate stalls there to sell and publicize the garhwali books and periodicals. Garhwali literature will never forget the unique service of Devendra Joshi for creating readership for the language literature .
Since, he is very much attached to Chitthi-Patri magazine, when Madan Duklan is busy with other creative activities , Devendra Joshi contributes for writing editorial of Chitthi Patri. . This athor has three issues of chitthi Patri wherein Devendra wrote editorial
Chitthi Patri (July-September 1999) a special issue on Sainya Parampara (Armed forces) : The issue was dedicated to Kargil battle. Smartly, Joshi briefed about culture of Garhwalis and Kumaonis serving in armed forces, importance of bravery, importance of being abrave and sacrificing community. He brifed about sacrifies of individual Jawans of Uttarakhand and their acts of chivalry in Kargil. He paid tribute to martyred of Kargil battle and calls to be sensitive about the sacrifice of armed forces. Devendra did call the young community fellows to enter in the armed forces too.
Chitthi Patri (April-June 2000) a special issue on Nanda jat Jatra: Devendra Joshi briefs the readers about the value of Nanda jatra and call the creative writers for contributing in Garhwali literature.
Chitthi Patri (July- September 2000): a creative not only deals with present situation but he judges or guesses on the effects of future because of present. . In his editorial title “ Bindi Khano Jogi he, Paili Vasa Bhukha Rai’, Devendra joshi masterly thrashes out on the issue of capital of Uttarakhand. On that time , the confusion was capital to be established in Dehrdun or Nainital. Devendra cautions the people not to be involved in dividing Kumauni and Garhwali communities in the name of capital. Devendra advocated for Gair Sain as an appropriate capital of Uttarakhand
As usual, devendra also failed in collecting Garhwali words which would be useful for making editorial vocabulary in Garhwali language. No doubt, his editorial titles are in Garhwali proverbs.as twe khuni Salute, ‘ Bhindi Khano Jogi he , Paila Vasa Bhukha rai”
Three editorials of Devendra Joshi to show that Joshi has knowledge, social awareness, can guess about the future and in few words can describe the focused big subject and issues.
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