Uttarakhand Festivals: Ghyusagyaan (घ्युसग्यान) or Olgia (ओलगिया)

Ghyusagyaan or Olgia (घ्युसग्यान / ओलगिया / घिया संगरांद / म्योल मुण्डया संगरांद) is one day when everyone in Uttarakhand must eat ghee or fresh butter and rub it on their heads. This is an important festival of the poor farmers and graziers of Uttarakhand. On this day mothersrub fresh butter on their kids head (basically in the hair partition) and pray for their good health and long life. Even the poorest of people who cannot afford ghee otherwise prepare food in ghee/butter on this day. Special item in the food menu is stuffed parantha / poori (called बेड़वा रोटी) which has filling of ground Urad dal with local spices.

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  • Jaman Lal

    Yes I remember my mother and grandmother used to rub ghee on our forehead when we were children and cook paratha (watarwat) with fresh seasonal vegetables.Today nobody does.What a transformation?

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