Dr Sibbal Diagnosing Public Nerve

Satire and Fatkar

Dr Sibbal Diagnosing Public Nerve


DrSibbal of ruling political party came to my building for diagnosing the publicnerve.

I asked, ‘Howcome! Did you get time to visit outbuilding?’

Dr Sibbal the profound expert of public mood inthe ruling political party answered,” This Anna Hazare wave compelled me tofind out public mood at grass root level. We want to deceive again Anna hazareas we did in past. This time we want to find out the reasons for cheatingaccording to public moos”

Dr Sibbal checked up my hand nerve and shockinglysaid,” But there is no nerve favoring ruling political party!”

I asked, “What is my nerve speaking?”.

Dr Sibbal said,” Since, you are regualtwatcher of television channel news, you are mesmerized by their anti governmentinstances. The nerve is saying that we all political members are cheaters bybirth”

Before I couldanswer, Dr Sibbal the smart politician went to my wife and put his stethoscopeon her hand. The uttering sound camefrom speaker of stethoscope.” I know that you are expert of cheating people”.

Dr Sibbal said, “Hush!Your wife is educated and all educated Indians always, opposing government”.

Dr sibbal happilywent to my mother and put his stethoscope on her nerve. Dr Sibbal was uttering,”I am sure uneducated and older generation would support ruling party”.

However, the mother’snerve was speaking as “For three twenty years you and your fellows have becomeexpert of swindling us”

Dr Sibbal went to myson hoping that young generation will support ruling political party. Surprisinglymy son’s heart was addressing,” New generation is following Anna’s cause”

Dr Sibbal put hisstethoscope on the nerve of maidservant. The nerve was telling, “ when you comefor vote, you promise about low inflation but as soon as elections are over thecost of all goods speed up. You all are cheaters.

Dr Sibbalfrustratingly said,” Always, the urban people are influenced by media. I should find out nerves of rural areas’

I said,” Don’t worry!my villagers are there in next room”

I took Dr Sibbal tomy next room where my relatives from village were there for attending amarriage party in Mumbai.

The nerve of allvillagers of all age, caste, genders were speaking, “You politicians are cheatingIndians.”

Dr Sibbal the expertof knowing the public nerve said to me,” What should we do at government level?”

I advised,’ youshould be honest with public.”

Dr Sibbal answered. “Thatis not possible. We politicians can’t be honest in any case, now. We will findnewer methods of cheating Indians”

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