Katyuri Imperialism and Historical Features of North Indian Scene

Katyuri Imperialism and Historical Features of North Indian Scene

History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon, Haridwar) – Part 90
Indian History of Katyuri Imperialism in Kumaon, Garhwal and Haridwar (Uttarakhand) -1

(Asian Medieval Age History of Garhwal, Kumaon, Haridwar (Uttarakhand))
(Asian History (750-1100 AD)

By: Bhishma Kukreti

Around eighth to eleventh century, Katyuri kingdom ruled over Uttarakhand. According to Atkinson, apart from Uttarakhand the Katyuri rule was extended to Sutlej, Rohilkhand. The rise of Katyuri kingdom was due to historical factors of North India at that time.

Reasons for Rise for Katyuri Dynasty in Uttarakhand and adjacent Regions

Defeat of Yasovarman by Lalitaditya

Muktapid king of Kashmir Lalitaditya defeated or killed Kanyakubj/Kanauj king Yasovarman around 735-740. It was not possible for Yasovarman or his successors to rule or interfere in Uttarakhand.
Dabral suggests that in Central India including north India, the ambitious strong men were interested to take advantage from political vacuum created due to decline of Kanauj kingdom, the hill chieftain Vasantan or Vasudev declared Katyuri kingdom in Central Himalaya region.

New Dynasty of Vajrayudh in Kanyakubj territory (770-816)

Two decades after death of Yasovarman a new Dynasty kingdom emerged in Kanauj or Kanyakubj. Vajrayudh took over rule of Kanauj in 770. It is said that a Kashmir king Vinayaditya Jayapeed snatched the Singhasan and crown of Kanyakubj to Kashmir around 779-810. Less is known about life of Vajrayudh.
Indrayudh and Chkakrayudh

Indrayudh ruled Kanauj after the death of his father Vajrayudh. At this time three ambitious kings Dharampal (770-810) of Magadha-Bengal; Pratihar Naresh Vatsaraj (death 805) of Avanti and Rashtrakut Naresh Dhruva (779-795) of Manyakhet were interested to take over Kanyakubj kingdom.
When Dharampal was campaigning east of Kanyakubja to capture Kanyakubja, the Avanti king Vatsaraj defeated Dharampal. At the same time, Manyakhet king Dhruva attacked Avanti, defeated Vatsaraj and captured Avanti. Then, Dhruva captured Kanyakubja. Indrayudh took help of Dharampal. However, Dhruva defeated Dharampal. Kanyakubja/Kanauj king Indrayudh accepted rule of Manyakhet King Dhruva and provided tax to Dhruva. Dhruva had to run towards his capital.
Vatsaraj was unable to resist. Therefore, Dharampal captured parts of Nepal, east Punjab. Dharampal also captured Kanauj (Panhcal) and dethrown Indrayudh. Chakrayudh became ruler of kanauj under Dharampal.

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    Sir, it is mentioned that initially the Katyurs ruled entire Gharwal and Kumaon from Joshimath, then why did they shifted their capital to Bajnath (Bageshwar)?

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