Kali Kalyan Chandra: a Cruel Chand King of Champawat, Kumaon of Himalayan, Indian Middle Age

Kali Kalyan Chandra: a Cruel Chand King of Champawat, Kumaon

(History of Kumaon from 1000-1790 AD)
(History of Chand Dynasty Rule in Kumaon)
History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon, Haridwar) – Part 158

By: Bhishma Kukreti

The ruling time of Kali Kalyan Chandra is 1434-1468.
There are following inscriptions and evidences are available for Kali Kalyan Chandra.
List ‘A’ states the ruling period of Kali Kalyan Chandra as 1542-1551AD
‘B’ and ‘C’ lists state the period as 1446-1464AD
The following copper inscriptions are found about Kali Kalayn Chandra
Balishwar (Champawat) inscription of 1434 AD
Three inscriptions of Dandagaon 1440
Two inscriptions of Dandagaon 1461AD
One inscriptions of Dandagaon 1468 AD
Two other inscriptions are of 1450 and 1468.

Suppression or oppression by Kali Kalyan Chandra
Kali Kalyan Chandra was supposed to be a cruel king of Champawat.
People were dissatisfied by oppressive methods of Kali Kalyan Chandra. Kali Kalyan Chandra was unable to control on his instant emotions. Under emotional imbalance, Kalyan Chandra used to place hard orders or used to forget what was right and what was wrong.

Atkinson and Pande provided stories about Shaud Karayat helping Bharti Chandra to dislodge kingdom of Vikram Chandra. The story seems to be of Kali Kalyan Chandra because the inscriptions of Bharti Chandra refer Shaud Karayat.

Revolt by Nephew Bharti Chandra
An ambitious Bharti Chandra the nephew of Kali Kalyan Chandra revolted against his uncle. Bharti Chandra took help of Khasa brave man as Shaud Karayat. King Kali Kalyan Chandra buried live son of Shaud Karayat into wall.
It seems that nephew of Kalyan Chandra -Bharti Chandra became free ruler of Bishung Patti, a portion of Sor region and ruled there till Kalyan Chandra was alive. The time of revolt of Bharti Chandra would fit 1444.
Furar had eight copper inscriptions obtained from Shiv Datt Bisht. Two inscriptions are of Harishchandra (1461) and Pratapchandra (1461). Both Harishchnadra and Pratapchandra are not related with Chand king Harishchandra (1422-1423) or Pratapchandra the father of Bhartichandra.

Bharti Chandra became Champawat king after death of Kali Kalyan Chandra in 1468AD

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