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अपण धरोहर अपण कोशिश: The God of Justice “Golu Devta” (गोलू देवता)

Golu Devta

एक बार चम्पावत के राजा झालुराई ने संतान सुख के लिये भैरव पूजा का आयोजन किया और भगवान भैरव को प्रसन्न करने का प्रयास किया। एक दिन स्वप्न मैं भैरव ने इन्हे दर्शन दिए और कहा – तुम्हारे भाग्य मैं संतान सुख नही है – मैं तुझ पर कृपा कर के स्वयं तेरे घर मैं …

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Golu Devta- The God of Justice

Jai Golu Jyu

Golu Devta or Lord Golu is the legendary mythological and historical God of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand , India and is their most loved deity. Golu Devta is considered to be an incarnation of God Gaur Bhairav (Shiva) and is worshipped all over the region with many names like Gol-jyu , Rajkot-Golu, Goriya, Gwal Devta, Krishna-avtari, Baladhari, Bala-Goriya, Doodadhari, Nirankari, Gollu, …

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Chitai – Temple of million bells


I still remember every single visit to Chitai temple. As I was living in Almora, it was very near and every year, for some religious event, my family used to go there. I recollect all the numerous visits to this sacred place, where countless wishes of mine, have been heard and fulfilled by Lord Gol-jue. …

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Uttarakhand Festivals: Ghyusagyaan (घ्युसग्यान) or Olgia (ओलगिया)


Ghyusagyaan or Olgia (घ्युसग्यान / ओलगिया / घिया संगरांद / म्योल मुण्डया संगरांद) is one day when everyone in Uttarakhand must eat ghee or fresh butter and rub it on their heads. This is an important festival of the poor farmers and graziers of Uttarakhand. On this day mothersrub fresh butter on their kids head (basically in the hair partition) …

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Uttarakhand Folk Music Form ‘Chhapeli’ or ‘Chapeli’ (छपेली)

‘Chhapeli’ (छपेली) word seems to be have been formed in Uttarakhand by adding the suffix ‘Aeli’ (एली) to the Hindi word ‘Chhap’ (छप, splash) also written as ‘Kshap’ (क्षप’) in Sanskrit. ‘Chhap’ or ‘Kshap’ implies ‘hastily dumping’ or ‘quick-speed’. Thus, ‘Chhapeli’ means dance songs sung with high speed or in a haste style. On the basis of subject matter …

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