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Team Bedupako.Com™ understands and believes that willingness to be a part of and contribute to the progress of one's motherland and / or desire to inhibit its demolition via external sources exists in each individual. Although the intensity of this want may vary from person to person; this want, is certainly there (sometimes even unknown to us!).  Blame it on circumstances (social/financial/family/physical) or lack of opportunities, most often than not our want gets subdued owing to the practical realities (sometimes harsh) of the real world.

We encourage, invite and welcome each & every person who concurs with us and desires to bring this hidden aspect of his/her personality to the forefront. Join us and be a part of our team as our Global Folk Ambassador. As a Global Folk Ambassador all you have to do is contribute (literally!!). 

You can contribute recorded live programs/ recorded celebrations (holi baithaks / harela / phooldeyee / jagars; anything to do with real, authentic Uttarakhandi folk etc.) and help those away from home go down the memory lane and re-live those moments
You may record your own compositions, get acknowledged and promote yourself
If you/your family or friends have been victim of bureaucracy anywhere in Uttarakhand; you can even record your sufferings and send it to us.
You can be our expert on a subject of your choice & expertise be it Uttarakhand Folk Music, Uttarakhand Folk Dance, Uttarakhand’s festivals, Uttarakhand’s cuisines, Education, Agriculture, Health, Food Habits, Air & Water, Flora & Fauna, Politics, Sports, Arts, Science etc. etc and guide us and many others like us on these topics.
You can help us with your creative writing / creative animations/ ideas / concepts.
Basically, you can send a sound recording of anything that you think needs to be addressed OR shared with fellow Uttarakhandis around the world. We will put it on-line* on BedupakoTM.Com Live-Radio. Each and every one of you can contribute; the smallest of contributions are welcome & being looked forward to.

What do we have on offer in return? J

Apart from a hope and belief that our next generations will not only feel proud of our cultural heritage but also not hesitate to speak our vulnerable dialects Garhwali-Kumaoni, Perks/Honorarium can be paid** depending upon the contributions. We can’t and don’t promise you the moon; however, we promise you a share** in the dream that moon brings with self at night.

The dream called Bedupako.Com™ will turn into a reality only by collective efforts; ours, yours & everyone who loves Uttarakhand. Let's stop cribbing that our cultural heritage is vanishing and things don't happen the way they should and start doing our part. Come and be one of us; let’s make things happen together!
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi
*:  Please ensure that you do not break any copyrights and are within the legal limits of your land/state laws.
**:  Let’s discuss before you start!!

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Looking for contributions - Upload

The process of development is not one sided. We at bedupako™ firmly believe that users should have a say in what songs we put online. We would like you to contribute songs. Please ensure that you do not break any copyrights and are within the legal limits of your land/state laws.


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