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Song Name: Bedu Pako Bara Masa O Narain Kaafal Pako Chaita
In this song composer expresses the emotions of a lady giving reasons her beloved to visit her mother s place. Bedu, the passion fruit, is one of the very abundant fruit available throughout four seasons, however the Kafal (wild red color berry) is available only in the month of Chaitra. In general, passion fruit has only a limited value be it eating or other usages among hilly people, hence not considered as a fruit at all. However Kafal not only tastes good but also it happens to ripen around the month when natural beauty touches its extreme. This entire natural beauty instigates childhood memories and fun days within her heart and she expresses her interest of going to her mother s place. Also to add to the meaning composer included places like Almora and Nainital in the songs and the famous things therein. In one of the lines composer provides us with the powerful bond of love and explains that if beloved is hurt it is the self who realizes and feels the pain more than anyone else around.
Genre Melody Occassion
Singer Rajendra Singh Bisht
Lyrics of Bedupako Baramasa (bedupako bara mansa). MP3 download are not authorized in this website please.

Bedu pako bara masa
O Naraini kafal paako chaita, meri chhaila

Bedu pako bara masa
Naraina kafal paako chaita, meri chhaila

Bhoon bhoona deen aayo
Naraina, tuja teri maita, meri chaila

Almora ki Nanda Devi
O naren phul chaduni paat meri chhail
Bedu pako bara masa.....

Tyara khutta kaando budyo
O naren mera khutti peed meri chhaila.
Bedu pako baromasa.....

Aap khanchhe paan supari
O naren main piluchhe bidi meri chhaila,
Bedu pako baromasa.....

Almora ko lal bazaar
O naren lal matta ki seedhi meri chhalia,
Bedu pako baromasa.....
Rating 4.58 Year: 1958 Language:
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Bedupako user comments.

Awesome Song from Gopal Babu Goswami, wonderful music.

cool glad to see 124 individual hits as of now!!!


a good commendable initiative for uttrakhandi folk songs. Thank you very much


awesome song ..i lovit.


leading song   through out the  decades.... still fresh for ever...


wonderful song....bedupako ur portal is jabardast jhakksa...:-)) m loving it


feels like i am in garhwal

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By:harishrana21 भोत्ते भलि site छू महाराज... दिल खुश हैगो.... :) :D धन्यवाद !!


bhotey bhali site chhu. bahut bahut danyavaad yeh site banan liji...


बहुत ही सुन्दर गीत है, जिसे मूल रूप से स्व.गोपाल बाबू गोस्वामी ने गाया था, प्रस्तुत गीत श्री राजेन्द्र सिंह बिष्ट द्वरा गाया हुआ है न कि  स्व.गोपाल बाबू गोस्वामी द्वारा.


धन्यवाद् करगेती जी, क्षमा चाहते हैं गलती के लिए, गायक का नाम आपकी सलाह के अनुसार सही कर दिया गया है. यह वेबसाइट सभी श्रोताओं के लिए बनाई गयी है, शायद अपलोड करने वाले मेम्बर को सही सिंगेर का पता न चला हो. आशा है इस संस्करण को मानक बनाने हेतु  अपना योगदान देते रहेंगे. 

टीम बेडूपाको 

I love this song !!!!!


Enter your reply.Evergreen,Melodious can be heard as many times with same sensation in body. Though Gopal Babu\'s voice had more magic and attraction.


Ilike it foke song bedu pako.


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Hi... Adarsha wsup?


Hi I am Chander, a professional photographer in Delhi, I have uploaded, Golu Devta Gatha, Haruheet, Rami Borani, & Gangnath Bhana Jagar..... Asha chhu..Aap sab pahadi bhaiyo ko pasand aaya hoga...  you can contact me...


dil ko chu jaaye yeh gana


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