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Song Name: Nyoli
This folk song belongs to Kumaon and its name is often associated with the Hindi word ‘naveli’ that means ‘a young girl’. Thus ‘nuoli’ are the songs sung to woo or tease one’s beloved and these are bound to be ‘shringaric’ (passionate) in their mood.
Noyli is also a local species of cuckoo, which is considered a symbol of love-lorn people. The poignant voice of this bird seems to have inspired the writer and the singers of nyoli song, alike. Nyoli songs are unique in their originality and vividness of description. They evoke different moods like teasing, wooing, anxiety, waiting, taunting, closeness, distance etc. the images attempted are imbued with local flavors and greatly inspired by the surrounding beauty of nature.
The parallel of Nyoli is Khuder and Jhumeila, which are sung by the girls and newly married women especially in spring in Garhwal. These two Garhwali forms express the agony of a love-lorn person, though some songs also reflect the irrepressible desire of a newly married girl to visit her ‘maika’ (paternal home). A notable fact is that women sing Jhumeila song only, while Khuder songs are also associated with men.
Genre Kumaoni Folk Occassion
Singer Nainnath Rawal
Rating 5 Year: 2010 Language: KUMAONI
Song uploader Pankaj Hits 724

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