Shakunakhar Bhaito Bhaito Babu Myara - Song details.

Song Name: Shakunakhar Bhaito Bhaito Babu Myara
‘Faag’ (फाग) are auspicious songs sung on the occasion of various festivities in the state of Uttarakhand. Since, these songs are also linked to the various traditional rituals these are also called as ‘Sanskaar’ (संस्कार, ritual) songs. These may also be known as ‘Shakunakhar’ (शकुनाखर) is Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. ‘Faag’ and/or ‘Shakunakhar’ are sung during religious ceremonies of baby-shower, child birth, baptism, ‘Vratbandh’ (व्रतबंध, a holy vow holding thread taken by Hindu Brahmin males at any age but before wedding). During some religious festivals, stories of god and goddesses may also be sung as ‘Faag’ rhymes.
Genre Mangal Occassion Kanyadan
Singer Chorus
Rating 5 Year: 1910 Language:
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