Bedupako™ FAQs.


Q. What features are there in the site?

You get several features if you are a part of the site. Some of the features are

Profile system - Each member can have their own profile which can be customized according to the users’ needs.

Playlist - Users can create their own playlist of songs that they like, and there is no limit to the number of playlists that can be created by a user!

Friends list - Got friends in the site but can’t search them all the time? No worries! You can add them in your list and they will be just a mouse-click away!

Uploadable songs - Users can not only listen to the songs in the site, but also upload the songs from their PCs to the site!

fav songs - Users can have list of theire fav song which will be highlited when ever its in their page.

much more!

Q. How do I register to the site?

Simple, just click on the register button and fill up the registration form and confirm your e-mail ID and you are a member of the!

Q. Do I have to pay for any of the services or subscribe to anything?
There is no fee of any sort for being a part of the site, everything is free of cost!

Q. I’m not able to view all the features of the site, what should I do?

Only registered users get to enjoy all the features of the site. Just register in the site and you would be able to enjoy
all the features too.

Q. How do I upload a song?

Log in with your registered account and press on the upload song link at the right panel to upload song(s).

Q. What format songs am I allowed to upload?
You are allowed to upload only songs with .mp3 extension. The maximum size limit allowed is 50MB per song. However if you don’t have songs with .mp3 extension, you could try using audio file converters and convert it to mp3 format.
Some converters could be found here: - Real player (free and recomended) - audacity (free and recomended) - Free!

Q. I recently uploaded a song but I don’t see it anywhere.

Firstly, double check that you have uploaded the song successfully. If the song is found to be irrelevant to the site, it will be rejected by the admin(s). If you think its happened by mistake you can always contact us.

Q. What genre of songs am I permitted to upload?

Any song related to Uttarakhand folk music to promote the culture and heritage of the Uttarakhand state is allowed in the site.

Q. Why am I not able to see the music player?

Please make sure you have the latest version of flash player installed in your computer, and then restart your
browser to view the music player.

Q. I am not able to log in, what should I do?

Make sure your caps-lock is off while entering the password. If you have forgotten the password, click on ‘Forgot
password’ link on the homepage and it will take you to the password recovery page. If it says you are blocked then contact an admin as to why

Q. Are you there in any social networking sites?

We surely do:
Facebook -
Orkut -
Twitter -
Youtube -

Q. I found a bug in the site, where should I report it to?
All the bugs and error reports can be mailed to or through contact us. Please make sure you keep the name of the subject as the brief
description of the bug you encountered and attach a screenshot of the bug, if relevant.

Q: Some times my songs doesn't load when i press play even if its in the play list. What should i do?
In order to play the song when this happens please click on the song name in the player’s play-list. The play-list then starts to play song. Please report to us such errors through contact us page. We are working on fixing it.

Q. How do I edit my profile information?
You can view your profile information by clicking on your avatar on the right side column of the page. You can edit it by clicking on the ‘edit’ link that appears on the profile page. Obviously, you have to be logged in to do that too.

Q. There are too many songs. How do I search for songs that I like?
Songs are classified into genres, year of release, occasion that the song is suitable for, etc. You can view all that by clicking on the ‘Songs’ button on the top right bar on any page or this link. If you still don’t find the song you are looking for or if you just remember a part of the name of the song, you can use the effective search engine with an Auto-complete feature, below the music player in any page or on the songs page too.

Q. Can I listen to songs in any other way than listening to it in the main music player?
You sure can. Just click on ‘Show details’ link next to each song and it will take you to a page which contains all the details of the song and also a music player which allows you to listen to the song then and there. You can also paste the song link in other pages

Q. How do I preview the song in my own web page/blog sites?
You can display the song in your own site/social networking sites by clicking on ‘Show details’ for the particular song you would like to share and then copy the link provided in the text field given embed option and then paste it in your site. Please ensure that you can edit HTML elements. If you are not permitted to put html elements it wont display.

Q. Can I share songs with my friends who don’t know about the site?
Yes. To do that, go to the song details link and just share the link given given below by pasting it in their site.

Q. How do I clear my play list?
To clear your play list, click on the ‘clear playlist’ link below the player and note that you will not be able to completely clear your play list, you will just be able to restore it to default.

Q. Should the users be logged in at all times to access all the features in the site?
Not necessarily. There are certain features and certain songs that you could listen to, without having to log-in itself. However, you will be able to access all the features if you are logged in; so staying logged in is recommended.

Q. None of my doubts are there in the above questions, what do I do?
Please visit the Contact us page and mail us your queries.

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